At SOLREY Retreats, we seamlessly integrate western clinical interventions with indigenous shamanic approaches to create a holistic and transformative healing experience. Our approach recognizes the profound wisdom inherent in indigenous plant medicines, which act as catalysts for inner exploration and personal transformation. Through the integration of these sacred substances sourced from indigenous traditions, participants are guided on a journey of deep self-discovery and healing, facilitated by their unique pharmacological effects.

In parallel, we draw upon the principles of modern behavioral science to provide evidence-based interventions that support and enhance the healing process. Our clinical approach encompasses a comprehensive evaluation of all domains of human functioning, from environmental and physiological factors to emotional and spiritual dimensions. Through this integrative framework, we tailor interventions to address the multidimensional aspects of each individual’s experience, fostering resilience, growth, and fulfillment across the lifespan.

Furthermore, ceremonial healing and shamanism serve as guiding forces in our therapeutic journey, offering sacred rituals, spiritual guidance, and cultural context to enrich the healing process. These ancient practices provide a deep sense of connection and belonging, grounding participants in their cultural heritage and spiritual roots.

By combining western clinical interventions with indigenous shamanic approaches, SOLREY Retreats creates a synergistic framework that honors ancient wisdom while embracing contemporary therapeutic approaches. This holistic approach addresses the complexities of human experience, fostering deep healing, personal growth, and spiritual awakening in each participant.

About Us

SolRey Retreats is a residential, as well as mobile treatment program for people struggling with substance abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, treatment-resistant mood disorders, and other clinical syndromes.

SolRey Retreats is a subsidiary of SolRey Enterprises spearheading the medical and mental health revolution facilitating cutting-edge evidence-based ethnobotanical research and treatment.

SolRey Enterprises, PLLC

The interventions at SolRey retreats address all domains of human functioning, including environmental, behavioral, physiological, biological, emotional, psychological, and spiritual factors across its developmental spectrum across the lifespan. Treatments involve a comprehensive evaluation of the entire clinical picture beginning at birth, tracing its development in time, while simultaneously generating mechanisms of therapeutic change that may meet multidimensional self-actualizing goals planned for the immediate, short-term as well as long-term future.

"Psychedelics are a powerful experimental tool with a tremendous potential to clarify fundamental questions regarding the essence of human mental experience”. - Prof. Talma Hendler director of the Center and a psychiatrist and neuroscientist at TAU's School of Medicine at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine and School of Psychological Sciences at the Gershon H. Gordon Faculty of Social Sciences

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