SOLREY Retreats offers concierge treatment tailored for either individuals, families or groups within a community setting, providing a personalized and comprehensive approach to healing and rejuvenation. For individuals seeking solace and introspection, the concierge treatment offers a bespoke experience, carefully curated to meet their unique needs and preferences. From customized therapy sessions to immersive wellness activities, every aspect of the retreat is designed to support personal growth and transformation. On the other hand, for groups within a community, the concierge treatment fosters a sense of connection and camaraderie, as participants embark on a collective journey of exploration and healing. Through shared experiences and mutual support, group retreats offer opportunities for deepening relationships, building resilience, and fostering a sense of belonging. Whether seeking solitude or community, the benefits of SOLREY’s concierge treatment are profound, providing a sanctuary for self-discovery, renewal, and holistic well-being.




The four-phase treatment offered at SOLREY Retreats provides a comprehensive and structured approach to healing and transformation, guiding individuals through each stage of their journey with care and intentionality. The process begins with an initial screening phase, where participants undergo thorough assessments to determine their suitability for the program and to identify specific goals and needs. Following this, the preparation phase unfolds, during which individuals receive personalized guidance and resources to prepare them mentally, emotionally, and physically for the upcoming immersion experience. As participants enter the immersion phase, they are fully immersed in the transformative environment of the retreat, engaging in therapeutic modalities, experiential activities, and supportive community interactions tailored to their unique healing journey. Finally, the post-integration phase provides ongoing support and guidance as individuals transition back into their daily lives, offering opportunities for reflection, integration, and continued growth. Through these four phases, SOLREY Retreats provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to healing, empowering individuals to cultivate resilience, insight, and lasting transformation.



The journey with SOLREY Retreats begins with a warm introduction to our sanctuary and treatment program, graciously extended by our dedicated SOLREY Liaison. Upon expressing interest and subsequent approval, participants are gently guided through a thorough screening process. This meticulous evaluation, conducted by our esteemed team of Licensed Psychologists or Healing Arts Professionals, or Interns under the careful supervision of a licensed psychologist, ensures alignment between individual needs and the offerings of our transformative retreats. Through this collaborative and compassionate approach, we lay the foundation for a journey of profound healing and renewal, where each participant’s unique path is honored and supported every step of the way.



During the preparation phase of the SOLREY program, participants engage in thorough psychological profiling, offering valuable insights into their individual needs and preferences. Optional neuropsychological testing is also available upon request, providing additional depth to our understanding of each participant’s cognitive functioning and emotional well-being. Moreover, this pivotal phase encompasses comprehensive psychoeducation and preparation, ensuring a deep understanding of the appropriate use and expectations surrounding the plant medicines utilized during treatment, always in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Through this holistic approach, participants are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and support needed to embark on their healing journey with confidence and clarity.



Nestled within an opulent natural landscape, this phase of treatment at SOLREY Retreats seamlessly merges the evidence-based healing practices of ancient indigenous cultures with modern clinical behavioral science. The immersion experience, set against the backdrop of entheogenic plant medicine, is enriched by individual psychotherapy and group integration sessions, catalyzing profound therapeutic breakthroughs and personal transformation. Optional group sessions offer an exploration of timeless wisdom from both the kabbalistic tradition and indigenous shamanic culture, inviting participants to delve into the depths of spiritual understanding. Complementing these offerings are optional activities drawn from Eastern traditions, including yoga, deep-tissue massage, meditation, mindfulness practice, acupuncture, sound baths, breathwork, and hydrotherapy, where available. Each element of this immersive experience is thoughtfully curated to nurture holistic well-being and guide individuals on a journey of self-discovery and renewal.



The integration process begins during the retreat within the immersion phase, where participants are supported in synthesizing and embodying their transformative experiences. However, the journey doesn’t end with the retreat’s conclusion; it extends to the weeks following, typically spanning 2 to 8 weeks. This crucial phase focuses on seamlessly weaving the groundbreaking insights and shifts gained during the retreat into every facet of daily life. From personal habits to social interactions and occupational pursuits, the integration phase empowers individuals to apply their newfound understanding and perspectives in practical, tangible ways. Through ongoing support and guidance, participants navigate the complexities of integration, fostering lasting change and holistic well-being long after the retreat’s conclusion.
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