Your Safty Is Important For Us

Safe Location

Our retreats are held in locations where Psilocybin mushrooms/truffles are legal. Our retreat centers are spacious, remote, safe, and secure. In Jamaica, our group is the sole occupant of the property. In the Netherlands, our group is the sole occupant of the retreat side of the property.

Holistic Training

Our world-class team of facilitators bring together the wisdom of indigenous practices with modern scientific knowledge. Our staff has a century of combined experience in guided psychedelic experiences.

Dedicated Care

There will be a minimum of one facilitator for every 4 participants to focus on your wellbeing during the ceremonies.

Access to Medical Care

Our retreats are facilitated by qualified professionals. Although our facilitators do not serve in a formal medical capacity in our programs, they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise. In Mexico, we have access to a locally-licensed, 24/7 on-call doctor as well as access to urgent care facilities and hospitals within a 30–60-minute drive.

Suitability Screening

Our rigorous application process has been designed to assist participants in safely participating in program activities. Our screening reviewers carefully assess each applicant’s personal, medical and psychiatric history (with consent). For some individuals, participating in program activities, particularly consuming Psilocybin, may lead to undesirable drug interactions or other psychiatric or physical complications. In these cases, we are unable to approve applications.

Safety Protocols

We have devised a safety plan and risk management protocols to prevent/anticipate and respond/react to a variety of potential safety issues. This plan is frequently revisited, updated, and shared with our retreat site partners, operations staff, and facilitation team members.

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