Baraq Harrison

CEO ShaRone David Kushnir, PsyD., Licensed Clinical Psychologist.

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Sergeant First Class Baraq Harrison epitomizes the courage, dedication, and expertise that define the highest standards of service and leadership in some of the most challenging environments worldwide.

As a Special Forces non-commissioned officer, Baraq Harrison partook in numerous high-stakes operations, specializing in direct action missions, special reconnaissance, and counter-terrorism efforts. His leadership in the field has been marked by a deep tactical understanding, quick decision-making under pressure, and an unparalleled ability to motivate and inspire his team.

After the events of October 7th, Baraq Harrison rallied himself and flew to Israel to fight in the war with his brothers. During his Three and a half month deployment he continued to push through all the odds and continue building SolRey Retreats with Dr. ShaRone David Kushnir, PsyD. While fighting for his people.

Beyond combat roles, Baraq Harrison has been working, and studying under the mentorship of Dr. ShaRone David Kushnir, PsyD while maintaining an instrumental role in training and mentoring troops, young adults, community members and children sharing valuable knowledge and experience that has prepared the next generation of fighters for the complexities of our modern world.

Off duty, Baraq Harrison is deeply involved in supporting veterans’ causes and advocating for the mental and physical well-being of military personnel and all alike. His passion for continuous personal and professional development, combined with a commitment to serving others, continues to make Baraq Harrison a respected and influential figure in the community. 

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